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girl sitting in her bed with her arms crossed looking down as if she's upset

Building Healthy Mindsets & Lifelong Skills

Reframe Psychology Clinic is sharing how we can help youth, young adults and families build healthy mindsets and lifelong skills in the very first edition of our Newsletter! Click HERE to download.

young, mixed-race boy laying on his arms on a pile of folders in class

Back To School During The Pandemic And Sleep Hygiene

From sleep hygiene to back-to-school prep, Reframe Psychology Clinic is equipping parents with tips and tools for healthy mindsets in the latest issue of our Newsletter. Click HERE to download.

Back To School, During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Many children are trying to get used to learning in an environment that looks and feels very different from their previous school experiences. While we try to move forward, it is important that we all foster our mental health and those of our youth. Click HERE to download our latest newsletter on back to school, during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Virtual Learning And Technology During The Pandemic

Many students continue to be educated through virtual learning platforms this academic year. Virtual learning puts students’ executive functions – which are processes such as planning, time management, task initiation and self-control – to the test! Click HERE to download our latest newsletter on surviving virtual learning during COVID-19.

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