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What is a Psychoeducational/Learning Assessment?

​​​Parents and teachers sometimes have concerns about a child's intellectual and/or academic functioning. A first step to helping children with such concerns is a comprehensive assessment. The assessment involves 4 to 5 visits for a history and developmental interview with parents, individual assessment sessions with the child, and a feedback interview where parents are provided with a review of the results and direction regarding next steps. There are typically 2 to 3 individual assessment sessions with the child that span 2 to 3 hours in length.

During that time, various standardized and informal measures are used to assess a child's intelligence, processing areas, and academic functioning. While the focus of the assessment is to understand the child's learning strengths and needs, some assessment of the child's social-emotional function may also be involved.

Over the course of the assessment, the child's previous report cards are reviewed in detail and an interview occurs with the child's teacher(s). Feedback is provided in both a face-to-face meeting and in a comprehensive written report.​